My first YouTube video


I have uploaded my FIRST YouTube video online. This is a component of my assignment for this week. I don’t think its my best project but I know how much I can improve for my next one. It’s a great learning experience, I really like it.  I had great time to video myself and play with a few editing software/apps. It also gives me some inspirations and ideas while I am doing this kind of creative work.

I also would like to do a bit introduction in the front of the video but I didn’t get prepared and I feel less nervous to just start to do yoga. I wasn’t sure if I need background music, however, its doesn’t sound so bad with it so I keep it.

The online customer experience


Rose et al. (2011) demonstrated a framework for understanding the concepts that stimulate and influence the online consumer’s purchase behaviours. There are a number of concepts that are highlighted in this framework: information process, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived benefit, perceived control, skills, trust, risks and enjoyment. This report will discuss each of the elements based on my experience while shopping on Fjallraven website.


Information processing (IP)

Grant et al. (2007) refer to IP as the psychological process and senses that a consumer uses to evaluate and process the available data and information that will motivate and influence consumers buying behaviours.

Perceived ease of use (PEOU) and perceived usefulness (PU)

PEOU and PU are two factors widely discussed in the consumer behaviour literatures. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989) is one of the foremost theories to explain factors that influence consumers adoption of online shopping. The perception of how easy or difficult a site is to use is extensively linked to a positive or negative online experience. Similarly, Parasuranman and Zinkhan (2002) demonstrate that consumers use perceptions of website features to evaluate their online experiences.

Perceived benefits (BN) and enjoyment (EN)

Consumers find out their online shopping behaviour is associated with positive outcome. I chose to buy a backpack online because shopping online is more convenient for me, more options and it saves time. I enjoy this freedom and efficiency.

Perceived control (PC) & Skill (SK)

Rose et al (2010) state that SK refers to the Internet skills related to online shopping. It states a consumer can gather information together, evaluate products, make a purchase and complete the transaction successfully. Consumers are getting more knowledgeable when purchasing online more frequently. PC refers to consumers feeling confident in which they can function successful in the digital environment. I purchase online regularly, and I become more confident in doing this.

Trust and risk

Perceived risk is the perception of the uncertainty and contrary consequences of a consumer while purchasing. Consumers are more sensitive while shopping online because it is hard for them to evaluate products before they purchase, as well as consumers have to expose their private information to be able to finalise the purchase online. Trust plays an important role in reducing consumer’s perceived risk. Positive memories likely build positive relationships between buyers and sellers, in turn, creating more powerful and proactive customers.

Individuals use their own internal senses to process information from the view of a website. In my case, I wanted to buy a backpack for a 15’ MacBook. I went directly to the Fjallraven website. My first impressions were that the website is well designed with an uncluttered layout, clear organisation, easy navigation and search facility. There is a menu bar with five categories, next to it is a search function.


I went into the backpack category and I can see the bag I want to buy is already displayed on this page.


However, there is a filter function with some sub-categories displayed on the left-hand side (not on the Australian site, there are so many fewer products on the Australian website), you can hide it if you just want to view all products or you can easily type in and find specific products.


Some additional resources display on the bottom of this website, this includes FAQ, shipping & returns, buyer guide, care & repair, warranty.


I loved the website because I found accurate information I needed within a few minutes.  I clicked the checkout button after I added my backpack into my shopping basket. I also appreciated that I don’t have to register with this brand to become a customer. I just filled in my email address (for receipt) and my shipping address with a phone number. There are a big range of payment methods I can choose from. I finalised my payment and then I got a follow up email which includes all details and an estimated delivery date. I enjoyed this process very much.



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6 I’s of e-Marketing Mix

Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick (2016) stated that the 6 I’s of e-marketing mix is the most important factor that make digital marketing different to traditional marketing. The 6 I’s included: interactivity, intelligence, individualisation, integration, independence of location and industry restructuring. In this case only 5 I’s will be discussed. Behance website has been selected for this analysis.

The first I is individualisation, it refers to how to present the content of the website to suit an individual’s needs. This can be used to target and personalise communications to customers to achieve relevance in all media. (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2016; Versaw 2011)1

The second I is Independence of location, it refers to consumers are having the ability to access the website at any location or via any device. (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2016; Versaw 2011). The image below top is Behance app on a smart phone, the layout is slightly changed to suit the screen size. The image below bottom is Behance website.



The third I is Interactivity, it allows visitors to engage with the website on a higher level. A visitor has more options to find out more or move to other projects. (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2016)

I logged in to one of the projects that was recommended for me from this site, I have an option to like it, leave a comment, or appreciate the project to support the artist. I can also easily access this artist’s social media site to interact with him.


The fourth I is Intelligence, it refers to the data gained through the market research and how the company can use this information. This website collects information of my activities and visiting behaviour from my previous sits, they filter those topics and projects I liked before and they present them on my home page to give me easy access. (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2016; Versaw 2011)


The fifth I is Integration, it refers to the merging of different media channels to provide a better marketing approach. The examples are: Behance Instagram, Behance YouTube channel and Behance facebook page. (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2016; Versaw 2011)




Dell’s Business and Revenue Model


The exceptional performance of Dell Computer in recent years demonstrates their direct sales and build-to-order model gave Dell a substantial competitive advantage. Customising their computer to their customers’ specifications and selling their items directly to their consumers has been successful in minimizing inventory to increase their market share and achieve higher returns on investment.

Timmers (1999) acknowledged that there are 11 types of business model that can generate revenue from the web. Dell fits into a category called e-shop because they do their marketing digitally through their website. Kraemer et al. (2000) stated that most PCs in the computer industry are sold in retail stores preconfigured and pre-assembled. Dell offered its consumers a variety of customisation options in system configuration at a discounted price.

Cutting out the middleman is a cost-efficient way to sell their computers directly to the customers through their website. Dell’s direct sales model includes Dell to end user (B2C) and Dell to corporate customers (B2B). Dell also reorganised its assembly process to increase their employer’s productivity by bringing all employers together with different components of building a customised computer rather than each of them working on and repeatedly performing a single task. By doing this, Dell gained a competitive advantage by providing their consumer with a differentiated product.

Dell’s strategies of direct sales and build-to-order production have proven successful in minimizing inventory and bringing new products to the market quickly as well as enabling it to increase its market share and achieve higher returns on investment.

Dell’s direct sales model has given it a big cost advantage, however, Dell has to take more responsibility and bear the cost on the support side. When the support experience cost increases the discount price won’t win customers.

Dell’s revenue model has mainly been based upon the income from sales of their products and services without a middleman as well as the comprehensive data system they build by doing direct sales to customers. Dell built an IdeaStorm crowdsourcing community where customer’s needs and expectations are voluntarily offered (Bayus, 2013, p.227). In addition, easy access for email marketing enhances customer value and understanding of their key customer segmentation.


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Internet Marketing (6379)

I started this blog as part of my assignment for Internet Marketing (6379). I will share my learning process from this unit by experimenting and promoting with all my social media sites. I am looking forward to this journey.
At the same time, I am working very hard on my first exhibition as a graphic design student. I started my graphic design learning in the beginning on this year and I cannot believe that I am about to put up a exhibition with my classmates. I am excited and stressed at the same time. So I will also share my process on my projects. Please leave a comments below with any comments and suggestions.

Yoga Class CIT Reid

Hi everyone,

I am teaching a weekly yoga class at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT Reid) every Thursday at 4-5pm. Please share around and join me if you around here.


About me

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog. My name is Chanel Cen. People who know me may call me Coco because I used to introduce myself as Chanel ( and explain that Chanel spell the same as Coco Chanel). I am a first year Graphic Design student in Canberra Institute of Technology and I am also a last year Marketing Management student in University of Canberra. (So excited about my graudation already).

I moved to Australia in the end of 2013. I originally from China. I have been study since I move to here and I also work as a yoga instructor and Cafe barista in my free time.

This blog is mainly sharing my thoughts about my study experiences related to Internet Marketing and Graphic Design. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, let me know your thoughts and comments. 🤓