MasterChef Australia and E-CRM activities

This blog is about analysing E-CRM activities of MasterChef Australian.

What is e-CRM?

Electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) is an information system to help organisations to enhance customer service through innovative technology such as emails, websites, forums and social media channels. It is used to recognise, attract and maintain an organisations’ customers (Chaffey & ellis-Chadwick 2016, p.302). It helps organisations keep connected with their customer by recognising, attracting and maintaining customers’ interactive communication. It is an important concept to help organisations to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace through increasing effectiveness of e-CRM (Navimipour & Soltani, 2016)

MasterChef Australia and e-CRM

MasterChef Australia is a competitive reality cooking show based on the British MasterChef. It screens on Network Ten over the past ten years. There are three main judges: Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston. There are some talented guest judges that will join the three of these main judges with their ideas and dishes to set tasks for contestants. (About MasterChef Australia, 2018)

MasterChef was on 7:30pm from Sunday to Thursday on Network Ten for about 4 months. During the show time, audiences are emotionally involved to watch a timed cooking show as well as enjoy looking at delicious and well-made dishes.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 1.00.45 am.png

The audiences can catch up any missing episodes on their website a day after and they can get easy access to all recipes created by contestants and judges any time to create their own MasterChef dishes. Additionally, there are some tips from the MasterChef team to support audience members who want to recreate a MasterChef dish. The audience have freedom to access all recipes from the last ten seasons as well as applying to get on the show for next season.

Like any reality show, contestant’s personality has a great impact on the show which in turn we always have a favourite contestant or judges on each episode or season, and for this reason, there is a section that provides more information to each contestant which this connection carries on with MasterChef social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram and tweets.

Long term e-CRM

MasterChef final was on in August; however, to keep connecting with the audience, the MasterChef team manage to update news about contestants and recipe regularly through the whole year. There are great seasonal recipes, and some follow up stories about former contestants. Audiences love to know things happening for contestants after the show. Along with this, contestants and celebrity chefs also share their thoughts and ideas from their own social media platform. Contestants still wear MasterChef apron on their Facebook page profile to keep their connection with the audience. There are some contestants that have such an impact on the food industry that audiences will want to follow up. To keep them connected with MasterChef is another way that MasterChef is connecting and interacting with their audience.

Sponsors and cross selling

There are a number of sponsors who promote products during the show including Holden, who launched a new campaign during the show, not only provide vehicles for contestants during the competition but also audiences were invited to “watch and win”. This allowed both Holden and MasterChef to connect with audiences via a committed CRM program.



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24 thoughts on “MasterChef Australia and E-CRM activities”

  1. Thank for visiting….. @Tracy!!!! For me top 3 will be, firstly, big data, organisations can achieve as much as they want with it, such as engaging with consumers, able to track sales, understand consumers shopping behaviors, etc. Secondly, save time for organisations, for example, the CRM system can group consumer according to their price preference, location preference, product or services preference. Lastly but not the least, optimize conversation probably with consumers so organisation can provide the products or services that suitable for individuals.

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    1. Thank you Chanel. It is interesting to note that even though the strategies seem realistic and approachable but a lot of organisations have yet to integrate these tools into their own existing infrastructure. Very interesting read!

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  2. Excellent work.
    E-CRM is a cost effective and efficient way for business or organisations to market their products or services to existing and potential customers. Using the power of social networking, it will benefit customers, business, sponsors and marketing firms, etc.


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